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Can I Use LONO Sticks in Other Devices?

HNB (Heat Not Burn) products are a new trend and LONO focuses on producing healthy HNB non-tobacco herbal particle stick. This non-tobacco unburned stick is suitable for use on heat-not-burn devices. So, many people have a question in their minds: On what device can I use the LONO Non-tobacco Herbal Stick? The answer as the fallowing.

LONO Sticks can be used in all popular devices, such as IQOS, LIL, JOUZ , etc., without any compatibility issue. For the best experience, we suggest using LONO in heating device, which has been designed for unburned sticks

However, since IQOS released its latest heat-not-burn device, the Iluma. Iluma invented a new heating method, electromagnetic induction heating.







This makes most of the heat not burn sticks on the market unusable on the new IQOS equipment, and cannot heat the cigarette replacement material inside.

Therefore, LONO's R&D team closely followed the industry trend and developed a nebulizer that can be used in Iluma. In addition, LONO Non-tobacco herbal particle sticks use natural plant herbal leaves and do not contain tobacco, which is more secure to use.

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