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Exiting the combustible tobacco field? British American Tobacco's strategic shift, continuous promotion of heated products "KENT" and "glo"

British American Tobacco Japan (hereinafter referred to as BATJ) launched the "glo hyper X2" special device for heated cigarettes in Japan on July 21. It is planned to be sold nationwide in Japan from early October, and then be promoted worldwide.

Although the exact schedule is not disclosed, 25 countries have already embraced glo with success. In addition, it is also considering promotion in European countries such as Italy, Kazakhstan, Romania, Poland, and the Czech Republic, which have begun to popularize heated cigarettes.

Regarding when the paper cigarettes will disappear in the future, I think it is related to various interests, and the specific date has not been decided.

On this basis, where to focus on investment is very important. For example, heated cigarettes account for half of the Japanese market, while the United States and Sweden support vaping and snus, respectively. I think every country is different.

It is predicted that the market share of domestic paper cigarettes in Japan will decrease to 49% by 2025. Based on this, it may be possible to set a specific date for the end of sales of paper cigarettes. But I think it's our job to make the transition to heated cigarettes smooth.

British American Tobacco Japan (BATJ) has proposed an "easy-to-play price strategy" as a means of transitioning to heating. The strategic shift of British American Tobacco is very clear, and it is driving the expansion of the new tobacco market in multiple dimensions such as products, marketing, and channels. Its global target is that the sales of non-combustible products will reach 5 billion pounds (about 770 billion yen) by 2025, and the number of consumers of non-combustible tobacco products will reach 50 million by 2030.

How many people can make the transition to heating in Japan, known as the "hometown of glo"?

As the environment in which tobacco operates changes around the world, the adoption of non-combustible tobacco products faces challenges.

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