Heat not burn stories

LONO's Global Travel

In the new year, with the growing trend of heat not burn, LONO has expanded its business scope. At present, LONO has covered more than 20 countries and more than 50 regions around the world. This time, let us follow the footsteps of the agents and come to the offline store in Moscow.

Picture 1 & 2 is a corner of our physical store selling our HNB products. LONO's heat-not-burn herbal sticks are sold offline in many countries around the world, with business all over the world.

Picture 3 is LONO's outdoor brand promotion in Moscow. As a star brand in an emerging industry, LONO has been committed to serving agents and forming brand competitive advantages in different regions.

Picture 4: When LONO #brands meet consumers, there is good chemistry between them. Many consumers say this is an innovative product worth trying.


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