LONO Menthol Herbal Particle Stick is a real winter fragrance that you will immediately feel as soon as you open the pack.As soon as you enter the mouth, you can feel the strong mint flavor inner, accompanied by a strong cold feeling. After tasting, the coolness of menthol still lingers in the mouth for a while.

Perfect for any occasion, such as office, bar, home and so on. LONO will surely leave you satisfied. Enjoy a Non-tobacco time.

Nicotine: 1.5%

Ingredients: natural plant particles,
natural plant extracts, food grade glycerol and propylene glycol.

This product is only compatible to heating devices.

This products not sale to minors. Do not light or swallow; Keep away from children. Cardiovascular, alcohol allergy, respiratory diseases, pregnant women and lactating women should not use.

Carton : 10 pack per carton
Pack : 20 sticks per pack

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