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Why Did LONO Invent Heat not Burn Herbal Stick?

A new study by the University of Michigan found that what attracts American college students to e-cigarettes is "taste", not nicotine.

In recent years, the number of college students who use e-cigarettes has increased. But little research has focused on what are the ingredients in the e-cigarettes they smoke? Researchers at the University of Michigan asked nearly 15,000 college students about their e-cigarette use in the 2015 "Monitoring the Future" survey

Of all those who have vaped, 59%-62% of students said they were just "vaping flavors."

Relevant health agencies should adjust their interventions, the researchers said. If all interventions are highlighting how dangerous nicotine is, it probably won't apply to young people, because the reality is that college students who vape don't think they're ingesting nicotine.

In response, LONO has produce a heat not burn herbal stick that contains a variety of flavors and looks like a cigarette without causing harm from cigarettes. In order to satisfy people's curiosity, LONO has developed a variety of flavors and locked the fragrance into the herbal particles through a unique technology. The following picture is one of the flavors, lime.

Health is the first criterion in the manufacture of LONO. LONO will develop more flavors.

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