J&J Herbal Heating Technology Ltd.

We are biotechnology company that was founded in China with low-temperature herbal heating equipment and heat not burn non-tobacco herbal products.

We do new plant extraction and flavoring technology, and heat not burn non-tobacco herbal atomization product intelligent automation equipment research and development design. We got highly integrated and layout the entire industry ecology. In Shenzhen China, our factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters.

In order to provide users with better quality and safe products, J&J has invested in the construction of a complete low-temperature herbal atomization product fully automated production workshop, constant temperature and humidity drying room and high-cleanliness storage. The warehouse and production workshop construction standards have reached the GMP certification level. The base has a constant temperature and humidity central air-conditioning system, a frequency conversion dehumidification system and a FFU class 10,000 clean bench. To ensure the safety and health of each atomized product produced.

At present, the production base is equipped with high-speed granulation and baking machines, automatic sealing machines, gravity induction granule filling machines, automatic alignment machines, automatic filling machines, automatic labeling machines and automatic packaging machines and other intelligent manufacturing equipment to ensure from the granulation to the final product production, it is completely self-produced in a safe and clean environment

Fragrance Lab

Natural plant substrate:Lono works the main herbal components to perfection. 1000+ botanic samples have been tested by tens of flavorists and approved by top cigarette masters. Feedback information from tens of thousands users are the input for the final formula.

Natural flavor extract:Lono refuses to use industrial essence. Instead, each flavor is coming from nature.

Ultra-fine molecular atomizing liquid:Silk-smooth vapor generated from ultra-fine molecular atomizing liquid ripens in the mouth.

Aroma condensate extraction:Condense to lock aroma and flavor. Herb can sustain the aroma for longer time.

Corporate Mission

Provide tobacco users around the world with a less harmful alternative, leveraging our state-of-the-art technology, safe products and R&D investment. To be a dependable brand for consumers and partners.



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