Frequently Asked Questions


Do LONO Sticks contain tobacco leaves?

LONO Sticks do not contain tobacco leaves. Instead, they contain high-quality herbal leaves, sourced from clean and safe herbal companies. Using herbal as the base of our product, allows LONO to provide an enjoyable experience, while further reducing the harm associated with smoking alternatives.


Do LONO Sticks contain Nicotine?

LONO Sticks are available in nicotine and nicotine-free varieties, to provide an enjoyable experience, for all users. Unlike other comparable products on the market, both of our nicotine and nicotine-free free varieties use herbal leaves as the base, instead of tobacco.


How does LONO differ from other comparable products?

LONO uses high-quality herbal leaves. Using herbal leaves allows our product to provide a comparable experience, while lowering the risk for users, and providing a more refreshing experience. As the base LONO is herbal, LONO Sticks are also available in nicotine-free versions, to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience, without the harm or risk of addiction.


What flavors are available for LONO Sticks?

LONO Sticks are available in various flavors, including Super Regular, Menthol Black, Menthol, Regular Yellow, Ice Blueberry, Ice Grape. New flavors are in development


What are the ingredients of LONO Sticks?

LONO works the main herbal components to perfection. 1000+ botanic samples have been tested by tens of flavorists and approved by top cigarette masters. Feedback information from tens of thousands users are the input for the final formula.


Can I use LONO Sticks in other devices?​

Yes, LONO Sticks can be used in all popular devices, without any compatibility issue. For the best experience, we suggest using LONO in  heating device, which has been designed for unburnt sticks.

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